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          Learning centers will also be introduced to residents who wish to develop their skills in community project operations, such as financial management and information technology.
          To ease the pressure of high inventories, dealers made big promotional efforts in the fourth quarter, he added.
          A rescuer assists a young girl from the flooded train station into a boat in Lishui, East Chinas Zhejiang province, on Aug 20, 2014.
          At the same time buyers born in the 1980s are now a big segment of the SUV market as they aspire for more freedom and diversity compared with earlier generations, said Lin.
          China and Australia do not always see eye to eye - anti-dumping probes come and go - and the ChAFTA process was full of twists and turns.
          The six victims were all junior high school graduates from Lianghe Township Middle School.
          The disproportionately-low income compared to the long working hours prompted 74 judges at local courts to leave their posts in 2013, said Cui Yadong, head of Shanghai High Peoples Court, who quoted figures from Jiefang Daily.
          The damage from the Lushan quake was felt in all six counties and two districts of Yaan.
          What business opportunities have you seen from the Belt and Road Initiative?China has shown great responsibility in supporting countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative, such as improving infrastructure.
          Yangko dancers perform at the fourth Pinggu Lantern Festival celebration, which kicked off on Feb 14.
          6 percent of the areas officially recognized and classified by the World Trade Organization.
          5 percent in the same period last year.
          He said about a third of calls to the Life Education and Crisis Intervention Center come from people living outside of Shanghai.
          Police officers from both sides will also work together to crack a number of major drug-related cases, and track down and arrest a group of escaped drug convicts.
          Under traffic law, drivers who cause deaths in car accidents are allowed to apply for a drivers license again two years after revocation.
          At least 17 new clean-governance regulations had been issued by central authorities as of late March, according to the book.
          XIAN - Construction of two elevators on Chinas most preserved ancient wall in Xian, capital of Shaanxi province, has triggered public outcry, forcing operators to halt construction.
          Xi declined to provide details because nothing has been finalized, but said he is optimistic and will make a public announcement once a deal is reached.
          State security and social stability are preconditions for reform and development, said Xi in the explanation, adding that only when the nation is safe and society is stable can reform and development constantly advance.
          The bikini body and a beer barrel made out of cans is part of the art competition amid a beer festival in Dalian, Liaoning province, Aug 3, 2013.
          Provided to China DailyThe artist witnessed Chinas transformation from a traditional society to one struggling with rapid urbanization and Westernization.
          A tour bus ferrying passengers to a California casino lies on its side between a freeway and railroad tracks after it crashed in Irwindale, California August 22, 2013.
          An example on a booklet about marriage protection insurance says if a husband pays 500,000 yuan (,000) to buy a 50-year-term policy, the yield will be 4 million yuan if the marriage is still alive when the term ends.
          Helicopters at their service are Bell-429 worth 78 million yuan (.
          The fierce competition has created a market in which rivals offer similar and limited services.
          The NMC said that the stormy weather is due to joint influence of the southwest monsoon and typhoon Trami, which had already weakened and been downgraded to a tropical depression on Friday.
          This is a very important change, signaling the transition of the Chinese billionaires in the next decade, Hoogewerf said.
          The show is part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations, says Li Danyang, general manager of the performances organizer, Gehua Culture Development Group.
          Wang Zhenyu from Xian moved to Shijiazhuang with his family several years ago.
          3 percentage point, the CICC forecast.
          [Photo / CFP]Huang Demins pigs dive and swim on Nov 14, 2012.
          Many netizens called pangjiaqiao as the most Kengdie daughter, which means she has put her father in a troublesome situation, and a netizen said he had already reported this official to the local discipline inspection commission.
          The company generates an annual output value of more than 600 million yuan, with 40 percent coming from the domestic market.
          Slovakia, a member state of the European Union, first accepted three Guantanamo prisoners in 2010, and the ministry said the latest transfer is the continuation of an EU-US agreement aimed at helping President Barack Obama close the prison.
          The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on Tuesday released the Annual Report on Chinas Urban-Rural Integration 2012.
          Related:Dinosaur fossils unearthed in east ChinaDairy producer denies using toxic gelatinA major Chinese dairy producer has denied a media report alleging that it added a toxic industrial gelatin to its yogurt products.
          The government can issue a firework index during the Spring Festival holiday every day based on weather conditions, including wind forces, to determine whether to allow setting off fireworks or firecrackers, he said.
          They have also strengthened cooperation of border controls since 2013, Zhang said.
          Civilian helicopters are expected to join the medical emergency service in Shanghai, a senior executive of a general aviation company told the 2012 Civil Aviation and Media Forum over the weekend.
          Besides, Arirang, a gymnastic and artistic extravaganza, was being performed at the May Day Stadium.
          The growth will easily be double of last years figure of around 2 billion yuan, according to statistics released by the alliance, the nations largest 3D printing organization.
          About 400,000 people in Fujian and 410,000 people in Zhejiang have been affected.
          There is indeed scope to expand South Africas exports to China in value-added manufactured products, particularly as the Chinese economy continued to register strong growth rates, said Davies.
          5 times bigger than New York.
          But evidence of illegal fishing practices were discovered in these areas, including traps.
          The report has found that the patent use rate varies among right owners - it goes up and then down as the number of their patents increase.
          The Baojing Dong Village after a fire destroyed more than 100 houses on Jan 25.

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